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  • 14 April 2014

    On 8th April 2014, in Traders Hotel in Georgetown, Penang, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Adam Jelonek, took part in the celebration of opening the first Consulate Honorary in George Town and appointment of Dato Suppiah Manikam as a Honorary Consul.

    Chief Minister of Penang, Mr. Li Guan Eng, held a short speech in which he highlighted the importance of the event and expressed his hope that Honorary Consulate would play an important role in strengthening bilateral relations.


    [Please find full text of the speech above.]


    Members of the Media,

    Distinguished Guests,

    Ladies and Gentlemen,


    It is my pleasure to announce that the Penang State Government warmly welcomes the appointment of Yang Bahagia Dato' Suppiah Manikam as the very first Honorary Consul of Republic of Poland to Malaysia.

    The appointment of Dato' Subbiah Manikam signifies the Republic of Poland's desire to enhance its bilateral relations with Malaysia, particularly with Penang.

    Dato' Suppiah Manikam's personal merits and his experience as an entreprenuer and philantropist would help to strengthen the people to people relationship between Malaysia and Republic of Poland.

    The formation of a new Republic of Poland's Consulate-General office here in Penang is an acknowledgment of Penang's growing importance as an international and intelligent city. As the second city in Malaysia with a UNESCO World Heritage city of George Town, world-class tourist destination and manufacturing cluster in electronics and medical devices.

    Penang has what it takes to be a metropolitan habitat that is home to all the nationalities in the world. This can be seen by the present 19 Consul-Generals and Honorary Consuls already in Penang and Poland’s appointment of Dato Suppiah Manikam makes 20 foreign official representatives in Penang.

    Penang State Government is fully committed to promoting our bilateral relations, endorsing mutual interests and further strengthening Penang's relations with the Republic of Poland, whereby Penang State wishes to be the gateway for Polish companies who plan to invest in Malaysia.

    I am proud to announce that the Penang State Government has already agreed to the signing of the “Friendship Cities” project proposal between Krakow City in Poland and Georgetown, Penang. The collaboration between Krakow and Georgetown will be quite unique as both cities are listed in Unesco's World Heritage List. Krakow and Penang, both being a major economical, commercial, cultural and education hub in their respective countries, will greatly benefit from this collaboration.

    We can be sure that Dato' Suppiah Manikam will successfully contribute to finding new possibilities in developing economical and cultural ties between Penang and Poland and to give advice and assistance to Malaysians and people of Republic of Poland alike.

    I also wish to express my gratitude to His Excellency Adam W. Jelonek for his crucial role in establishing the new Polish Consulate-General office in Penang. I hope our collaboration will be very successful in promoting broad and deep relations between our two countries.












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